Board of Directors & Parent Participation

West Point Grey Daycare Society is run by a volunteer board of directors and governed by the Society’s by-laws. The board serves many functions including:

  • Developing policies and procedures
  • Ensuring that the business affairs of the Centre are conducted in a way that ensures the Centre’s sustainability
  • Complying with regulations
  • Establishing and managing the society’s budget
  • Supporting the daycare manager when necessary

All member families are encouraged to participate. Board positions are on a volunteer basis and board members do not receive any remuneration for their work.

Board members are usually nominated at the society’s Annual General Meeting, however there may be opportunities to join the board during the year.

Any questions regarding the daily operations of the program should be directed to the daycare manager. The board is not responsible for the operations of the daycare.

Parent Participation

Our daycare requires parent involvement. All parents who join the centre are required to either volunteer one (1) hour per month of their time, enlist themselves to become a part of the Board of Directors -pending approval by the Board- or pay a $75.00 monthly fee instead.

The parents who enlist themselves to become part of the Board of Directors are required to attend one meeting per month and exchange e-mails with other members, regarding decisions about the centre. Other tasks might be required, depending on the position you hold on the Board and the needs of the centre.

Parents must complete their volunteering hour by the 25th of every month. Hours are non-cumulative and if not completed every month, fees will be deducted by direct deposit and added to the next month’s daycare fees. Potential volunteer tasks includes gardening, washing toys, assembling toys and cleaning.

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