Enrollment FAQs

If I decline a space when it comes up and later change my mind, can I rejoin the waitlist in my previous position?

You will only be able to remain on the wait list in the same position that you were before if you were offered something different than what you have requested in your wait list application. E.g. two days per week instead of five days.

What happens if my name comes up and I am out of town?

If you will be unavailable by phone due to travel, please notify us by e-mail prior to travelling. Calls returned after you are back in town will not be considered unless prior arrangements have been made.

How much notice will I receive when a space becomes available?

We aim to offer spaces roughly one month in advance once they become available. However, this is not always possible depending on how much notice we have received or the number of families who are no longer in need of the space offered.

Once my child’s name is added to the wait list, can the daycare guarantee a space for him/her? What is the wait time?

Unfortunately, the daycare cannot guarantee spaces, as it depends on the number of children already waiting for spaces and on how many spaces will be opening up in the future. Wait times are difficult to estimate, but our goal is to offer all families who apply to be on our list a spot at some point. Our wait list would not be open if there was no chance for your child to join our centre, but we cannot guarantee spaces.

Are there some tips on how to get a spot sooner?

Although there are no guarantees, if your childcare preferences are flexible (e.g., days of the week, number of days) that increases your chances of having a space offered to your child sooner. Once enrolled, current families will be given the option of switching or adding days at a later month, based on availability and what best meets your child’s needs.

How many times will the manager try to contact me once my child is eligible for an upcoming spot?

The manager will call all the numbers you provided in your initial application form twice and leave messages. If your phones do not have voice mail, no further attempts will be made. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that they can be reached by providing alternate phone numbers and having voice mail service. If you prefer to be notified via e-mail, please note that on your application form. Thank you.

When can I come to visit the centre?

Once a space has been offered to your child, you will be invited to come and visit the daycare. You will not be able to visit unless there is a space or potential space in the near future for your child, as we keep the number of visitors to a minimum in order avoid disruptions to our daily routine. It will be an individual visit with you and your family and we will introduce you to all the staff and answer any questions you may have. Please read the website prior to coming for your visit. Please refrain from dropping-in, as we are often busy caring for the children in our program and visitors cannot enter the daycare without an appointment. We appreciate your understanding.

Can I call the centre for waitlist updates?

Yes, you can certainly call or e-mail the centre for waitlist updates, but please call when your child is 15-17 months. We are unable to give you an accurate update if you call the centre when child is too young to join us. Updates are only a rough estimate, we are only able to confirm spaces when current families provide their notice of withdrawal.

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