Fundraising & Useful Sites

West Point Grey Daycare is a non-profit society and donations are always welcome.

Donations in Kind

We welcome donations of gently used toys, books and toddler clothing (boots, jackets, sun hats, winter hats, mittens, etc) and supplies for the centre.

Ongoing Fundraisers

Oliver’s Labels

Minimize lost items through these quality, personalized labels. Order through this customized link and 20% of sales will go towards the daycare:

Scholastic Books

To order books through one of Canada’s leading publishers and distributors of children’s books, contact us.

Useful Links:

Little Kitchen Academy  – Cooking Classes for Young Children

How to Help Children Cope with Covid-19 and Anxiety – By Celine Cluff


Kids and Covid-19: Notes from the Field


Best Practices for Building Resilience in Times of Difficulty


A Tale of Two Mindsets


Taming Worry Dragons: Helping Children Manage Anxiety



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