Everyday Rules & Events


Each child is provided with an area to store individual belongings. Families are responsible for providing adequate and appropriate changes of clothing, for taking home clothes and bedding that need to be washed, as well as all the art work children have done on a weekly basis.


Part of every day is spent participating in a variety of art and play activities, both indoors and outdoors (rain or shine). Children should wear washable, comfortable fitting clothing appropriate for the weather. We ask that you bring the following articles of clothing and a supply is to be kept at the Centre at all times:

  • Two changes of clothing: shirts, pants, underpants, socks, and a sweater
  • Rain boots
  • Jacket
  • A muddy-buddy or rain suit

The children are often involved with messy art projects, and they should be dressed with this in mind. While WPG uses washable paints, there is no guarantee that clothing will not become stained. The wonderful sensory experience of an art project can be lost over a battle to wear a smock, so “good clothes” should be left at home.

The Centre has a limited supply of extra clothing, and if your child takes daycare clothes home, we kindly ask you to please wash the clothes and bring them back promptly.

During the summer, a quality sun hat is essential. On sunny days, please ensure you apply sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) before arriving at the daycare and staff will reapply before going outdoors in the afternoon. For safety reasons, umbrellas, scarves, open-toed shoes and sunglasses are not permitted to be worn on the playground.

Signing In/Out

Signing your child in at drop-off and out at pick-up is mandatory. Besides being important in case of emergency, it serves as our proof to our regulating government agencies that your child actually attended the daycare on that specific day. Please add the drop-off time and estimated pick-up time. At pick-up, read the staff comments entered in your child’s daily routine board. Comments may include information on your child’s toileting, nap time, lunch time, and daily activities. Please sign-out as you return at the end of the day.


Birthdays are important events for children, and at West Point Grey Daycare, they are celebrated with a special circle time for the child and snacks that the child’s family provides. Due to the high sugar content in many birthday cakes, we ask families to celebrate their children’s birthdays at daycare with healthy cupcakes, muffins, and fruit(s) to share with friends. Please ensure that all cakes, cupcakes and muffins are nut free.

Special decorations of the room can also be supplied by families and decorated by the staff. The special date will be displayed on the front board. Some families choose to hire special artists, which are welcome and can be discuss with the manager prior to the date. Families can also give children small gift, if they wish, however it must be safe for children under 3 years of age.


Graduating from a toddler centre will be your child’s first diploma and it is a special day. We do a graduation circle time, where the graduate will be able to hug and say goodbye to all his/her friends, receive a photo album with all the pictures we took during the time spent at daycare and receive a toddler diploma. Parents are also welcome to invite family members to join and bring special snacks.

Special Events

The daycare offers community performers and activities once a month, so children will be exposed to music, dance, learn the ABC, pet animals and enjoy a special performance.


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