Program Details

Indoor Play

Dramatic Play

All areas of children’s growth can be stimulated by dramatic play. This active role helps develop the depth needed to create their own concepts. Children are able to explore and discover the complexity of relationships through dramatic play within a safe and secure environment. They learn to nurture baby dolls and bears, practice dressing skills, pretend to cook, and develop friendships through dramatic play.

Art Activities

Children are provided with opportunities to explore their creativity at the art table, which enriches their aesthetic appreciation. The finished product of these fine arts, such as painting, collage, drawing, and other activities, is of great value to your child’s development. Through sand and water play, the children are able to develop their fine motor skills, and they start to acquire initial knowledge about science and mathematics. Toddlers are very tactile; they enjoy the feeling of touching and exploring a variety of textures.


Table toys, such as puzzles, constructing toys, manipulative toys, etc., enhance fine motor skills, spatial skills, and the concept of ‘taking turns’. Children are exposed daily to a variety of table toys in a creative number of ways.

We are constantly developing the children’s learning centers, and we encourage parents to share their knowledge about the areas of learning that most appeal to their child, so that we may enhance each child’s individual ability to observe and discover his or her world. The staff is constantly inspired to use creative and welcoming ways to make the Centre fun, enjoyable, and educational for everyone.

Circle Time

Children join a circle time twice per day. They are provided with opportunities to participate in movement and singing activities, interactive felt board stories, and puppet shows, to express and share their ideas, and to learn about the world.

We take this opportunity to teach children important concepts, such as colours, numbers, days of the week, weather, and the alphabet, among other topics.

The themes are introduced to the children through art activities, dramatic play stories, puppets, music and dance. Children love to discover new concepts. The teaching themes stimulate and challenge the children to develop cognitively, thus preparing them with the skills needed for their educational future.

Outdoor Play

To take advantage of the large outdoor space at West Point Grey Daycare, children spend time outside in the morning and in the afternoon, rain or shine. Everyday, varieties of sand and water toys, as well as gross motor equipment, are brought out to enhance the existing playground. Art projects, bubbles, puzzles and books are also frequently set up as outdoor activity choices.

Snacks and Lunch

Each day, children at WPG receive a morning and an afternoon snack. Children are given the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as carbohydrates. Much of our fruit and vegetables are organic.

WPG snacks are carefully selected to provide children with healthy options. Morning snacks usually include oatmeal, whole wheat toast with jam or alternatives, yoghurt, cheese and crackers, cereal, as well as two kinds of fruits. In the afternoon, the snack includes whole wheat crackers, cookies and muffins, and on special celebrations cupcakes, as well as two kinds of fruits. All the snacks we provide are nut free. If, for any reason, the snack options above do not suit your child’s dietary needs, please bring your child’s own snack.

It is recognized that the intake of fluids throughout the day is an important factor in maintaining good health. At WPG, children drink filtered water during snacks, lunch, and during play time. Children’s water bottles are located at a reachable level, so they can drink water throughout the day without assistance from the staff. Parents are welcome to send milk or alternatives, which will be served during lunch.

Children will not exchange foods at any time. As many toddlers are very sensitive or allergic to nuts, please note that we are a NUT FREE centre, therefore no nut or may contain nut products are allowed. Thank you for your cooperation.

The snack menu can be found on our front board or by following the link:WPGdaycaresnackmenu

Quiet/Nap Time

The quiet/nap time provides children with an opportunity to build up the needed energy for their active afternoon of play and discovery. All children have their own sleeping cot with their own sheet and blanket, and are welcome to bring a stuffed toy from home. Each child can choose a book to take to their cots, which is read to them by the teachers.

During nap time, which is from 1:00- 3:15 p.m., soothing music is played, and the staff help the children relax by gently rubbing their backs. Non-sleepers usually transition from the nap rooms at 2:00 p.m., after having some rest time and may choose quiet activities in which to engage in, such as puzzles, sand play, books, toys, and art.


Upon enrolment, families provide diapers and wipes for children not yet toilet trained. Children must arrive to daycare with a clean diaper, if the diaper needs to be changed, parents should do so before leaving the centre. Toddlers’ diapers are changed by the staff at least three to four times daily or more as needed, depending on drop-off and pick-up times. A record of daily diaper changes is posted near the office door.

Frequently, children are offered the chance to sit on the toilet. As families and staff notice longer and more regular intervals between wet or soiled diapers, and the child’s interest in using the toilet increases, discussions concerning toilet training will occur.

During toilet training, families must supply extra pants and socks, as well as numerous pairs of underwear. Daycare staff view toilet training as a natural developmental event, and take the child’s lead in determining readiness.

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